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Case No. 7906300 - The Senator’s Daughter

Alexia Anders

An Exclusive Sholyfter Alexia Anders Scene

Alexia, the senator’s daughter, is not the innocent girl she appears to be. She has a very slutty side that she loves to let shine. Loss Prevention Officer Will brings Alexia into the back office after she is caught shoplifting. She tries to play up her innocence, but Will knows Alexia’s type. Will strips the babe down and searches her body, enjoying the curves and feeling her up all he can, rubbing her clit and tits with his powerful hands. He knows he has the power in this situation, and it would look very unfortunate for the senator should word get out about his daughter’s thievery. Alexia plays it up, acting like she doesn’t want to get fucked then and there, but she secretly wants Will’s cock, and being naughty excites her like nothing else. Will proposes that he make all of this disappear should Alexia do what he says. She was hoping for this outcome. Alexia begins sucking his cock like a good girl, making sure she gets his shaft as far down her throat as she can. The sweet babe rides his cock and lets Will take full control of the situation. She loves being submissive and letting him have the power. When he can’t hold his load any longer, Will cums hard for Alexia. She enjoys the hot, sticky mess and treats it like a reward for her hard work.

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