Case No. 7906281 - The Spoiled Thief

Case No. 7906281 - The Spoiled Thief

Fiona Frost

An Exclusive Shoplyfter Fiona Frost Scene

Coming from an influential family, Fiona thinks she can get away with anything, so stealing some clothes shouldn’t be an issue. However, loss prevention officer Giovanni doesn’t share a mutual belief. The department store catches Fiona shoplifting, and Giovanni brings her to the back office for interrogation. She tries to give him some half-assed excuse about how her car isn’t working, but Giovanni isn’t buying it. He knows her type and will get to the bottom of the situation no matter what. While Giovanni reviews security cam footage, Fiona calls her dad and tries to use his influence to get her out of this sticky situation. But it’s no use - Fiona got herself into this mess, and now she’ll have to get herself out. Giovanni knows he has the upper hand in the situation and will utilize the high ground. He’s been eyeing Fiona’s body this entire time, and although she’s a thief, she’s still a smoking hot babe, and now he’s going to teach her a lesson on why you don’t take things that don’t belong to you. He orders Fiona to strip down to nothing so he can ensure she isn’t hiding anything under her clothes. Fiona gets down to nothing more than her bra and panties, giving Giovanni an attitude the entire time. He admires her pussy through her underwear and pulls them up so he can see her cameltoe. Furious but starting to become aroused by the situation, Fiona can’t believe she’s landed herself in this scenario. She knows what’s coming, and although the situation should alarm her, she starts feeling a little excited deep down inside. Giovanni plays his hand and lets Fiona know that the only way she’s getting out of this situation is by fucking her way out. But it isn’t going to be some quick fuck - Giovanni wants the full experience, and he wants this naughty babe to enjoy it, too. Naked and on her knees, Fiona positions herself in front of Giovanni. He pulls out his cock for a blowjob, and the petite troublemaker gets right to work, letting the hard cock fill her mouth entirely. She hasn’t sucked a ton of cock at this point in her life, so to be doing it in the back office of a department store feels insanely taboo, but the embarrassment only seems to get her more excited. She can feel her pussy starting to get wet, and she unconsciously begins to blow Giovanni harder. He’s in control, and Fiona is discovering she’s actually enjoying this new submissive side of herself, but she can never let Giovanni know. When he’s satisfied, Giovanni moves Fiona to the desk, where he bends her over and fucks her from behind, using her as he sees fit. She takes the cock like a champ, letting Giovanni take complete control and work her body as much as he wants. They move to the chair where she rides him, showing Giovanni that she’s been very disobedient and is ready to make her amends. She rides his dick harder and harder until he can’t hold his load in. Fiona gets down on her knees to take a big load all over her face. The thrill washes over her. She’s just fucked some random security guard, and this risque sex has been the best yet in her life. As a sign of recognition and gratitude, Giovanni lets the sweet chick keep the stolen clothes.

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